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Our computerized office provides us with the ability to thoroughly assist in the following services:

1. Documentation and Facilitation of Passports and Visas,

2.  Air Travel Reservations and Ticketing (Domestic and International),

3. Hotel reservations,

4. Airport assistance on departures and arrivals,

5. Transfers services to and from the airport,

6. Complete inbound and outbound package arrangements,

7. Transportation charters,

8. Helicopter charters,

9. Educational Tours, Group Tours and excursions,

10. Congress, Convention and seminar arrangements,

As an IATA agency, the Bank Settlement Plan allows us to keep an inventory of airline tickets so that our clients and ticketing requirements are promptly served.

House of Travel has extensive experience in Handling group travel, including:

a. Glaxo Medical involving 20-160 passengers per departure.

b. Incentive groups From:
ACCRA Law Office
Cathay Drug
Centro Escolar University
Ciba Geigy
Dow Elanco
Rhone Poulenc
United Laboratories
c. Pilgrimages
-Fr. Marello-September 1993
-Fr. Poveda-October 1993
-Yearly Pilgrimage groups to Europe involving 50-100 passengers.

d. Yearly European Group tours consisting of High schools student from different schools in Metro Manila.

e. Yearly Rotary International Conventions in Taipei, Nice, France Calgary, Canada, Glasgow, Scotland, & the United States.
1995: Jun-WONCA Doctors Convention, Co-organizer
1995: Mar-Vitarich World Wings Promo I Bangkok
1996: Jan-Vitarich World Wings Promo II Atlanta
1997: Nov-Vitarich VIV Netherlands
*Each group consisted of at least 100 passengers and up

f. Various Travel of American Women's Clubs and  Latin American Club

g.Various Coonventions:

1986: Goodyear-Malaysia
1989: Philippine Travel Agents Assoc.  
1989: Shell Dealers I & II
1991: Pambansang Kalipunan ng mga Barangay Congress
1992: Shell Dealers I Car Workshop
1992: Shell Marketing-ARN Workshop
1994: Miss Universe in Davao
1994: Piglink'94
1994: Nov. East Asian Convention
1994: Nov. Shell Retail Engineering
1995: Jan-Shell Dealers Convention
1995: Feb-RP Golf Open Championship
1995: RP Golf Open Davao
1996: FOREX Davao
1996: Jaycees
1996: Business Conference
1998: 33rd International Farmers Congress
1998: Johnny Walker Open Golf - Boracay
1999: Perleberg Lifestyle Workshop
Series of Tribal tours in Mindanao
Beef Convention in Cagayan de Oro
Yearly Philippine Pharmaceutical National Convention

HTI has also hosted numerous familiarization tour for the Philippine Convention Visitors Bureau (PCVC)
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