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Accomodations|Hotels and Resorts

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City Hotels

Provincial Hotels

Pearl Farm Beach Resort (Davao)
Paras Beach Resort (Camiguin Island)
Caylabne Bay Resort (Ternate Cavite)
Insular Century Hotel (Davao)
Century Park Hotel (Manila)
Century Imperial Palace Suites (Quezon City)
City Garden Hotel (Manila)
Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel (Laoag City)
Galleria Suites (Manila)
Hotel Inter-Continental (Manila)
Las Palmas Hotel (Manila)
Le Soleil de Boracay (Boracay)
L' Fisher Hotel (Bacolod)
Montebello Villa Hotel (Cebu)
Pryce Plaza (Cagayan de Oro)
Punta Baluarte (Batangas)
Samal Casino Resort (Samal Island)
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